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Started my day off right, with a chipmunk sandwich! ❤️❤️
#dca #buenavistastreet #chipanddale


Started my day off right, with a chipmunk sandwich! ❤️❤️
#dca #buenavistastreet #chipanddale

#LIZZI IS SO PRETTY #and omfg that skirt #my friends
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Bad Boy Kyungsoo
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Im cRY


Im cRY

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140727 Tao reply on weibo
Anti: Really fucking ugly
Tao: Thank you....I think i'm not bad
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Looking forward to a diverse Fall lineup of ABC’s new TV shows:

  1. Blackish semi-autobiographical work will follow an upper-middle class black man who struggles to raise his children with a sense of cultural identity despite constant contradictions and obstacles coming from his liberal wife, old-school father, and his own assimilated, color-blind kids.[x] trailer [x]
  2. Fresh Off the Boat is based on celebrity chef and generally awesome baddie-turned-foodie Eddie Huang; it will follow the journey of a Taiwanese family living in Orlando during the 90’s, trying to come to terms  with the culture of America while retaining their heritage.[x] trailer [x]
  3. Cristela stars comedian Cristela Alonzo as a Mexican-American woman in law school attempting to land her dream internship at a prestigious firm, all while dealing with the cultural expectations of her traditional family.[x] trailer [x]
  4. How to Get Away with Murder follows Professor Annalise DeWitt (Viola Davis), a master litigator who teaches Criminal Law 101 at a cutthroat East Coast law school, as her students compete for her attention and approval. Her most talented students soon find out that DeWitt uses unconventional methods,  
    [x] trailer [x]
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6 2k14 selfies by nobodyleave
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Tao in Zhang Liyin’s 爱的独白

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taozi kickin ass ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

taozi kickin ass ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

#this makes me so happy #look at u doing actiony stunts u go honey #tao #exo
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Zhang Liyin - 爱的独白 (Agape) MV Teaser ft. Tao

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so being a 21 yr old college graduate... you don't feel weird that you love a boyband?


what am i supposed to love??? briefcases??? 

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Obey the wise words of the lovely Cecil Baldwin: Keep it cute. (x)


Obey the wise words of the lovely Cecil Baldwin: Keep it cute. (x)

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[14/07/25 TAO’S WEIBO]

I miss you all so much~ how are you guys? Seems like i haven’t done anything for a long time~ Finally i finished filming for the LOTJ show~ It was really the most memorable moment in my life. 5 days without touching the phone, do you know it felt? [sad face]. There’s no wifi in Solomon, I couldn’t repost that weibo post, sorry~ Qinghai~ let’s go together! Haha, i will let you see me without washing face and hair for 3 days 4 nights, do not hold it against me okay~

(the weibo post he mentioned is the post about a charity fund that is set up by a famous Chinese artist in which chinaline participated)

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